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Our mission is to serve quality authentic Chamorro food and to provide excellent hospitality and superior service.


SMACK'N Guamanian Grill was created as a vehicle to build the community and create the means for opportunity for all. 


SMACK’N Guamanian Grill, LLC was officially established
in February of 2019 by Christian Graham.

The 'SMACK' in “SMACK’N” is an acronym for
“Sudo Mesa Authentic Chamorro Kitchen”.

The Sudo Mesa family originated from the village of Yona on the island of Guam. The family’s beloved mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, Rosa, was a small business owner back on the island who raised cows, sold milk and beef to the Artero store in Agana Heights. She later expanded to selling baked good at her home bakery. Rosa then used her business to help others during funeral, weddings, christenings, and other events.

On April 1, 2013, Rosa passed away leaving a legacy SMACK’N Guamanian Grill aspires to continue. We carry on Rosa Baza Sudo Mesa’s spirit by putting God first, working hard, and serving the community.

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