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If you cannot find the answers you're looking for here, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

Mobile App & Rewards

SMACK'N Mobile App & Chenchule' Rewards

Do I Have to Make an Account on the Mobile App/Desktop to Place an Online Order?

No, you do not need to create an account to make an order online. If you order with us often, it is better to download the app onto your smartphone and create an account with us. That way, you're able to earn Chenchule' Points and receive rewards backs for your loyalty! 

Can I Get My old loyalty points back from before and transferred to my account on the app?

Yes! Shoot us an email with your first and last name, phone number and email address for us to look you up. When you download the app and create an account, we will transfer any loyalty points you may have accumulated in the past from our old system! 

When Will My Chenchule' Points Balance Reflect the Purchase I Made Today?

Tomorrow! By the following day of your purchase, any points you earned will be added to your balance. 

Can I Still Earn Chenchule' Points if I make a purchase in-store?

YES. Let the cashier know you are a loyalty rewards member and he/she will scan your loyalty QR code.


I Forgot to Mention That I Am a SMACK'N Loyalty Rewards Member When I Visited In-Person Today, Can I Still Get My Points?

No worries! Email us a picture of your receipt from today and we will add your earned points. We will not honor any points from past orders that were not made today.

I Just Made an Account on the App, but, I've Been a Long-Time Customer, Can I Get the Points From All Of My Previous Orders?

Unfortunately, no. We will honor those past orders. We are appreciative of your ongoing patronage, however, we cannot keep track of all those missed points. 

How Do I Redeem My Rewards?

If you are using the app, add the item to your cart. At checkout, there will be an option to apply your earned reward. Once you select the option to redeem your reward/s, you will be given a new subtotal that is reflective of your current order with the applied reward.

(For Example: You have earned a free Nene Bowl and you want a Pork Belly Nene Bowl. When ordering, add the Pork Belly Nene Bowl to your cart. Upon checkout, apply the offer of a Free Nene Bowl to your order. Your total will be adjusted.)

**Any adjustments (item additions or substitutions) made to your plate will not be covered when redeeming your reward. The reward will cover the cost of the food items as it comes. Any changes made to the plate resulting in a additional cost will be covered by the customer.


How Early Should I Submit My Catering Order?

We recommend placing your order two weeks in advanced from the day and time you need it just to be sure we can take it. There are times when we have to decline catering orders due to other orders, staffing, or limited supply. 

When is the Latest Date/Time I Can Place a Catering Order?

72 Hours (3 Days).


Orders placed within 48 hours prior to your date/time needed is not guaranteed to be accepted. If accepted, a $20 surcharge will be applied to your overall order.


There are a few trays we may be able to fulfill within 1-2 hours such as: Empanadas, Red Rice, Chicken Kelaguen, and/or Cabbage Salad.


To avoid late fees or declination, plan ahead and order 2-4 weeks earlier! 

Can I Order Trays the Day Of Date/Time Needed?

There are a few trays we may be able to fulfill within 1-2 hours such as: Empanadas, Red Rice, Chicken Kelaguen, and/or Cabbage Salad if we have the supply on-hand. 

Food supply, staffing, and/or store-busyness are factors whether or not we can accept an order.

Is Fina'denne Included With My Catering Order?

No. We do not include Fina'denne with your catering order for free. However, if you order any sized tray of Red Rice, we will include a complimentary 8oz Fina'denne per Red Rice tray.


How Should I Place My Order?

Email is best for us. It gets sent directly to Christian and/or Steffany Graham, who coordinates for catering orders. We will be in touch shortly after! 

You may call-in or walk in-store as well to place a catering order, however, there may not be someone to assist you if you have any questions.

- Helpful Information to Include in Your Email Inquiry:

1. Full Name, Phone Number, and the best time to reach you

2. Order Due Date & Time

3. Include what kind of catering you're interested in: Catering Trays or On-Site Catering for Event

4. Tray Items, Quantity, and Size

5. Guest count, budget per guest or overall budget

6. State whether this will be for pick up or delivery and include an address if it is for delivery so we can give you a delivery quote.

7. Any questions or concerns you may have.


- If the store is currently busy, we may not answer the phone or have to ask you to wait to place the order. Our busy times are from 11AM to 2PM. 

- Some of our staff on are more knowledgable than others regarding catering due to their employment longevity and/or familiarity. Some staff aren't trained to take catering orders yet. 

Delivery (Catering)

Do You Offer Delivery for Catering Orders?

Sometimes. Delivery is dependent on staff availability, distance, and/or total order costs.

How Much Do You Charge For Catering Delivery?

Due to our limited time and resources, we no longer offer free delivery as of June 30, 2023. The delivery fee is dependent on the mileage away from our location.

What Factors  Do You Consider When Determining Delivery Costs?

Because we are a small business, our resources are very limited when making deliveries.

We must factor in the cost of current gas prices, location, staffing for the restaurant and a driver in addition to the overall time to and from your destination. 

Payment, Cancellation, & Fees 

What Are Your Accepted Forms of Payment?

Cash, Check, Credit, Apple Pay, and/or Venmo.

Will You Charge Me At The Time of Placing My Order?

Yes. At the time of placing your order, we must have a card # on file. A 50% is required at the time of order. We completely understand if you are hesitant to provide payment or card details over the phone. You may come in to pay your order in full within 24 hours during our Operation Hours to make payment. If you are unresponsive or uncooperative during the payment process, we will then have to cancel your order. 

What's Your Cancellation Policy Regarding Catering Orders?

Upon entering this service agreement, SMACK'N Guamanian Grill , LLC is committing time and resources for this order. Cancellation would result in lost income and lost business opportunities in an amount difficult to precisely calculate.


For that reason, the following cancellation limitations will apply:


  • A 50% deposit is required at the time of order. The remaining balance shall be paid upon pick-up/delivery.

  • Payments via cash, checks, credit, and debit are acceptable forms of payment

  • Checks are to be paid to the order of SMACK’N Guamanian Grill, LLC.


  • For orders ≤ $600, we must be notified 48 hours in advanced prior to order due date.

  • For orders ≥ $601, we must be notified 72 hours in advanced prior to order due date. 

  • Down payments are non-refundable if order is cancelled past the Notice Deadline. This is due to the purchasing of food and scheduled labor to cover the cost of your catering order.

  • Changes made to your order will not be accepted within 24 hours of your order due to the time and resources spent fulfilling your order. (For Example: You placed an order for 2 Full Trays of our BBQ Pork Ribs but you want to change it to 1 Full Tray instead 3 hours prior to pick-up time. We would not be able to fulfill this change due to the purchase and prep already completed for your order). 


I Made an Online Order, but I Made a Mistake; Can I Get a Refund?

No. We understand mistakes happen. Sometimes, customers make a mistake on a food item or choose 'PICK-UP' instead of 'DELIVERY'. However, we prepare what we see on the received order. If a mistake on has been made on the online order and the food has already been made, packaged, and prepared for pickup, the customer is liable to pay full amount for their order, any outstanding balances, and/or pick up their order. We will not cancel/refund payment if the food has been made already. 


If you notice a mistake was made after placing an online order, please call the store immediately at (858)-762-2544 to make any changes or to cancel the order. If the order has not been made yet, we may be able to make adjustments or cancel. However, if the food has already been made according to the order received, then we cannot cancel or alter the original order. 

What Are the Other Possible Fees/Costs I Should Be Aware Of?

Delivery Fee

Late Fee

How Much Is The Late Fee?


We highly discourage last minute orders due to staffing, limited food supply, and the stress our staff experience trying to fulfill last minute orders. It is up to the staff on shift whether or not they'd like to accept and fulfill yours or any catering order. 


Store Hours

How Come Google and Yelp Aren't Reflective of Your Current Store Hours?

We do our best to keep our store hours accurate as possible. There have been mishaps where Google or Yelp set our store hours to random times. We are unaware of how this happens. It can take 10 minutes up to 3 days for Google and Yelp to update their information after we submit a request to adjust our information.

What Holidays are You Closed On?

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

New Year's Day

When is "Last Call"?

Online Ordering/Delivery Apps - Last Call: 30 Minutes Prior to Close

Phone Orders - Last Call: 30 Minutes Prior to Close

Walk-In Order - Last Call: 15 Minutes Prior to Close

How Come You Don't Take Orders Up Until You Close?

In our past experiences, customers and delivery drivers have arrived late [way past closing time] to pick up their order or had not come at all. Some customers have come 1 minute prior to our closing time forcing our staff to stay 45 more minutes to cook and then clean up.


We respect our staff and honor their time to no longer allow it from customers to take advantage of our generosity and hard work ethic. It is up to the staff on shift whether or not they would like to accept your order within the timeframe from the Last Call to Closing Time. They are not required to accept orders past said time. 

Our Dining Room is open for dine-in until closing time. 

We understand our hours are around the time you may be getting off work and you'd like to bring some home. We recommend you call in or place your order online a few hours before and schedule for pick-up if it is past our Last Call. 

Payment, Cancellation, & Fees
Store Hours
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